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Library Rules

  1. All students of the college are members of the college library by virtue of the library fees they pay along with the tuition fee.

  2. Every student using the college library will be given library cards

  3. Students will be entitled to keep a book for 1 (one) week i.e. 7 (Seven) days from the date of issue. At the end of the period it shall be returned to the library. But it may be re-issued to the same person if it is not wanted by someone else. When re-issued, the book may be retained for a further period of one week. The librarian may recall a book at any time in case of urgency.

  4. Every student who wishes to take a book shall fill in the lending slip which will be provided free of cost at the counter of the library and present it at the issue counter along with the library card.

  5. When returning a book the borrower must take his/her library card. Otherwise he/she will be held responsible for the book.

  6. The students are not entitled to borrow a book against the library card of others. Otherwise he/she will be punished or fined.

  7. Final year student must return their library books along with the library cards before filling up the Examination Form, failing which they will be treated as defaulters and fined.

  8. Strict silence and decorum should be maintained in the library. It is in the power of the librarian to refuse to issue books for breach of this rule. The librarian shall bring to the notice of the Principal any student damaging or misusing books, making noise or misbehaving in any other way. Books have to be replaced if lost. Students found mutilating library books or periodicals magazines will be subject to disciplinary action.

  9. Students must register themselves to avail digital library facility of the institution.

  10. The college library is open on all the working days of the college.

  11. Faculty members may also avail library facilities. They are also issued library cards.

  12. The librarian may recall a book from the teacher at any time during stock - verification.

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